Whitening with Collagen

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Whitening with Collagen

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Prestige 15Plus - Whitening Face Cream

Price €7.00

120 ml with COLLAGENand SKIN WHITENING AGENT 15PLUS™SUPERB HydrationThe use of COLLAGEN conveniently associated with the SKIN WHITENING AGENT 15PLUS™ makes this special cream the perfect solution to keep skin young and lighten skin tone.Used regularly on a daily basis it restores a uniformly toned complexion whilst protecting and hydrating the skin.The...

D+Concept - Liquid Wash

Price €6.00

200 mlPhysiological pH - Ideal for all types of skinThe slightly acid pH of this liquid soap makes it suitable for all skin types. Its formulation does not alter physiological skin surface pH; on the contrary, its ability of lipids releaser helps keep the skin smooth and hydrated.