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S.O.S. 15Plus - Active Oil

Price €11.00

150 mlParticularly recommended for reddenings, dry skin, skin damaged by scars or lack of elasticity, this Active Oil S.O.S. 15Plus absorbs quickly without leaving traces.A rich blend of vegetable oils with amazing beautifying power for wonderfully beautiful skin tenderly nourished, soft and deliciously scented.

D+Concept - Liquid Wash

Price €6.00

200 mlPhysiological pH - Ideal for all types of skinThe slightly acid pH of this liquid soap makes it suitable for all skin types. Its formulation does not alter physiological skin surface pH; on the contrary, its ability of lipids releaser helps keep the skin smooth and hydrated.

Blanc Pur - Gel Shower Neutral pH

Price €9.00

420 mlExfoliating, Lightening and SmoothingThe fine microspheres gently remove dead cells from body skin and, thanks to their precious content of Jojoba oil and lightening agent, impart extreme softness and luminosity. The creamy foam clear skin from all impurities and wrap it in a sweet, delightful fragrance.