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Prestige 15Plus - Whitening Face Cream

Price €11.00

120 ml with COLLAGENand SKIN WHITENING AGENT 15PLUS™SUPERB HydrationThe use of COLLAGEN conveniently associated with the SKIN WHITENING AGENT 15PLUS™ makes this special cream the perfect solution to keep skin young and lighten skin tone.Used regularly on a daily basis it restores a uniformly toned complexion whilst protecting and hydrating the skin.The...

Gluta-LCP 15Plus - Whitening Milk Body

Price €16.75

400 ml with NATURAL EXTRACTSand GLUTATHIONE + NIACINAMIDESUPERB HydrationInfused with NATURAL EXTRACTS (Lemon: Antioxidant and purifying - Carrot Oil: Emollient, skin restoring - Honey: Nourishing and moisturizing - Papaya: Rich in Vitamin A, B, C to prevent acne and oily skin), associated with GLUTATHIONE and NIACINAMIDE (known to be able to treat uneven...

Gluta-LCP 15Plus - Shower Gel

Price €11.25

420 ml EXFOLIATING LIGHTENING SMOOTHING Smooth your skin to radiance!2 in 1 product both cleanses and polishes the skin.While surfactants remove dirt and impurities, WAX MICRO GRANULES scrub away dead cells to leave your skin looking refined and more radiant, indeed ready to get the best benefits from subsequent body care treatments.To complement your...

Gluta-LCP 15Plus - Exfoliating Soap

Price €6.00

200 gr SUPERIOR QUALITYITALIAN CERTIFIEDReveal a glowing radiance with this exfoliating soap formulated to make your skin smoother, fresher and clearer after every wash!Loaded with 100% natural and eco-friendly Apricot Seed Powder, Reduced Glutathione (L-glutathione) and Niacinamide, this soap effectively sloughs away dull skin, revealing a radiant...